Inappropriate activities

Do you need 24/7 remote monitoring of your facility?

We developed our SAFE32 package for you!



Swissguard Real Time Remote Monitoring Service provide reliable security coverage 24/7 to all areas of your commercial real-estate.


We aim to prevent robbery and personal injury and catch the perpetrator. Our remote monitoring service allows our security personnel to dispatch on-site security or local law enforcement officers to respond and stop crimes from happening.


Hotels, airports, shopping malls, prime offices and corporate headquarters are high priority targets for terrorists. Are your assets and buildings  under total security control?


Our Solution

How does our remote service work?

Swissguard Real Time Remote Monitoring Service keeps track of potential crimes against people or property.

1. Your Internet connection routes the CCTV images from cameras at your site over the web to our servers.

2. The connection between your security system and the Swissguard can be live at all times.

3. Each of our operators continuously watch 16 or 32  cameras constantly.

4. As soon our operator realizes a problem – eg. suspicious object, people, gun, thief, emergency, etc. –  his immediate reaction activates an alarm as previously agreed.  Eg: we call the emergency services, and/or we call you and/or we communicate with intruders via loudspeaker.

5. The incident can be routed to the screen of one of our security professionals. Our operators can monitor activity manually, pan and zoom cameras, switch cameras for a better view, and rerun recent footage.

Why is our solution special?

Many remote service provider say that their operators sit opposite monitors. Yes, opposite 50-100 camera pictures so it is impossible to realize problems and act promptly.

Our operators watch continuously monitors, maximum of 16 or 32  monitors / operator. (Amount depends on your need.) There’s someone keeping an eye on screen so they can realize all the suspicious thing, activity on the observed area. While the cost of the human resources is extremely low because of CEE operation center, the privacy is guaranteed by Swiss law.

Switzerland is traditionally the homeland of safety of personal data, the privacy and the protection. We are faithful to the traditions. The Swiss jurisdiction ensures the overall protection of your data. Our servers store your video records in Switzerland, safe from third party intruders.


  • A sophisticated, cost-effective alternative to on-site security guards
  • Low cost solution for high quality service: security operations center located on CEE countries.
  • Direct links with your operator / site to deter criminals and identify authorized personnel.
  • Manual remote control of the cameras – in the event of a disturbance, we can take control and pan, tilt and zoom for intruder close ups.
  • We help to protect not only your premises, employees and assets, but your reputation too.
  • Remote viewing from your laptop or mobile phone so you can check-in whenever you like.
  • Remote viewing of our security operation center  – you can check and monitor our operators work.
  • The safety of your data and privacy is guaranteed by the Swiss laws and safety standards.
  • Our CCTV systems can be combined with your existing security to create a comprehensive security package tailored specifically to your business and premises.

We have the latest CCTV Surveillance technology, expertise and the tools to provide instant alerts when trouble occurs ensuring that crimes against people and property are prevented or substantially reduced.

Motion activated coverage of your premises providing a fast and effective deterrent against potential intruders, with all incidents being responded to by our highly trained response officers who will deal with the incident to a satisfactory conclusion and a comprehensive report being provided.

We can provide remote monitoring of all electronic security systems including:

•24/7/365 Alarm Monitoring and Receiving

•Remote CCTV viewing

•Intruder, CCTV, Access Control, Intercom, Personal Attack and False Alarm Management

•Remote locking and locking of physical doors

•Lone worker protection

•Incident management and police response (URN Applications)


Due to our cost effective operation based on the low level of salary of HR in CEE region we provide high level service on modest prices.


Our customers across Europe are satisfied with our service.

We provide remote monitoring services for:

Luxury retail shop in Monaco

Jewelry shop in Paris, France.

Jewelry shop in Geneva and Zürich, Switzerland.

Private villas in Cote d’Azure, France.

Private villa in Zürich, Switzerland.

Office building in Budapest, Hungary.

Hotel in Nice, France.


Swissguard is a specialist Intelligent CCTV Monitoring solutions company based in Switzerland & operating globally. With our Real Time Remote Monitoring Service we provide 24 hour safety service to our partners and their guests, customers, partners and passengers.

Having grown discreetly since 2012, we support private and corporate entities with a range of innovative, effective, and achievable solutions.

While the cost of the human resources is extremely low because of our CEE operation center, the privacy is guaranteed by Swiss law.

As a commitment to provide the highest standards in monitoring services, our Security Operation Centre complies with existing British and European standards e.g. BS EN 50131, PD6662.

The SOC  providing CCTV monitoring complies with the British Standard BS 8418.


With an uncompromising attitude to compliance, our specialist in-house team delivers a blend of effective and client-focused solutions that are lawful and ethical during every stage of our research and intelligence gathering processes regardless of the region or jurisdiction of operation.

Our People

Our operators are trained to the very highest standards. They follow the procedures implemented especially for you. They are all experts in the use of the very latest equipment and techniques ensuring the very best possible results time after time. Due to the low human resource cost we offer a cost-efficient solution what you never achieve with Western European service providers.

Highly trained operatives are able to respond immediately and initiate pre-agreed escalation procedures in the event of a threat to person or property, or technical fault

At Swissguard, we have one key factor that allows us to continually perform beyond expectation and that is our personnel.


Swissguard operates a stringent operational process that fully conforms to the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA), the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and where applicable complies with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000

For Installers

For security installers, we know that simplicity is vital. That’s why we have developed groundbreaking CCTV packages, fault tracking software and market-leading processes to make sure commissioning, ongoing maintenance and beyond are made as simple as possible.

Why choose to work with Swissguard as your remote monitoring service of choice?

When you work with Swissguard you’ll benefit from:

• Free technical advice from our security professionals who will provide ongoing support when you are connecting CCTV systems.

• Ongoing innovation that ensures we use cutting-edge technology and processes.

• A team of remote monitoring operators who are highly skilled and qualified and always fully investigate the cause of alarms.

• A simple commissioning process with remote monitoring software that is compatible with most CCTV and security equipment.

• Peace of mind knowing that we will notify you if there is a fault with a security system.

• Extensive reporting so you can monitor the performance of a security system and our monitoring.

• A state of the art tracking platform that allows you to view sites, monitor performance, manage faults and more.

CCTV packages that will help you win installation and maintenance contracts, whilst making security management simpler and cost-effective.

We only ever provide remote monitoring. We don’t provide any security installation or maintenance services, which means you can feel reassured that we would never take any work away from you.

You’re the installation experts; we’re the remote monitoring experts.

We already work with an impressive portfolio of existing clients, providing unbeatable vigilance for sites of all sizes and in many different sectors.

Call us on 0041786577743 or send us an email to find out how we work with security installers, like you, to provide an exceptional security service.

Contact Us

SwissGuard is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

SwissGuard works with Security Company Partners throughout the world to provide the most professional 24/7/365 online-monitoring security services for clients in the residential, retail, lodging, critical infrastructure and other industries.

We provide cutting edge technology and highly trained watch officers in our highly secure watch centers in Europe. Our aim is to prevent crime not just respond to it.

For more information about SwissGuard please call us at  +41 786 577743 or complete the form below.

Please note: We do not provide manned guarding services.